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Related post: Date: Sat, 22 Aug 2009 16:33:01 EDT From: Subject: Rick and the Twins-Part IThis story is pure fiction (or is it?) and pussy virgin 15yr involves sexual acts between consenting males. While the characters in this story don't practice safe sex, I strongly advise that you do fucking polish virgins so unless you're in a truly monogamous relationship. If this is not your thing then read no further. If it is legal little virgins to your liking, then unzip, relax and enjoy because fuck virgin free here it cums! College was out in two weeks and twenty year old Rick was desperate for a summer job. He had planned to go home and work at his parent's club, but now that they were in the midst of an ugly divorce he wanted no part of the home scene. He virgins nude thumbnails Gay luray virginia had been checking on a daily basis with the summer employment office at the college and all the decent jobs were taken. He decided to stop in this day and saw the placement counselor, Mr. Drew at his desk. He knocked on the door and he beckoned him in. "Rick, I was about to call you. I think I might have something for you, it's a live-in position taking care of a pair of twin fifteen year old boys! Their dad specifically asked for a male and I think that you would be perfect for the position."Rick thought about it and was curious as to why fifteen year olds would need a babysitter. Also, he wasn't sure that he was interested in watching some fifteen year old brats for two months. t he was desperate so he called the number that Ms. Drew had given him. Mr. Lynn was on a conference call and the man who virgin teen tgp answered said that he would call me him back. Rick sat with his cell phone nearby and waited over an hour. Finally it rang. "Is this Rick? I'm sorry it too me so long to get back to Richlands virginia chat rooms virgin twinks you but business comes first.My name kinky virgins tgp is Steve Johnson. Mr. Drew told me some great things about you virgin modles and I would love to meet with you. Can you be at my office at 5?" Rick agreed and Mr. Lynn gave virgin cunt movie him all the information. Rick arrived at the building five minutes early and took the elevator to the designated floor. It opened and I noticed a bunch of people leaving. He asked for Mr. Lynn and someone pointed me to a desk at the far end of the floor. 14 yr virgin fucking The man at the desk smiled and intercommed Mr. Johnson. He then told him to have a seat; and that he would be with him in a few minutes.Rick was a fairly good-looking young man. He was five ten, one hundred seventy pounds with a solid build, blond hair and blue eyes and a killer butt that hugged the fabric of his jeans. Rick wasn't sure about a his future but was sure that he was gay. Growing up, he had one friend in particular, his second cousin Mike who he still thought about. Mike and his family had moved to Rick's town over the summer. When school started, they found that they were in the same virgins lands porno homeroom and had several classes together including Phys. Ed. Mike was actually short for Mikos, as he was of Greek descent on his dad's side. Mike had that dark, Mediterranean look. He was about five foot seven, with a stocky build and had dark, black hair contrasted by an olive-based complexion. nutella virginoff russian At that point, Rick felt a sort of attraction to him but could not rationalize it in his head. When they changed before and after gym class, Rick found himself staring at the heavy pouch in petite russia virgins Mike's briefs that contained his package as well as those well-shaped melons that were Mikes butt cheeks.. virgin magazine hot girls Rick would rush home after school and jack off furiously to the image of his cousin's hot body. He knew he wanted to see and do more with Mike more but did not know how to act on his feelings.About a month into the school year, there virgin topless was a Friday night mixer at the school. The two sixteen year old boys agreed to go together. Mike would pick him up at seven and the two would walk to the school . Rick knew that he had no interest in any of the girls in his class but he wanted to be with Mike. Mike, on the other hand, seemed russian tiny virgins to nasty nasty teeny virgin virgine sex be totally into the opposite sex always talking about pussy and getting head. Rick's parents were going away for porno teens lost virgin the weekend leaving his older sister, Beth, in charge. Beth had made it clear that she intended to spend the weekend with her boyfriend which would aztec virgin leave Rick basically on his own.Promptly at seven, Rick hear a knock at the door. little porn virgin When he opened the door, Mike was standing there in a tight tank top that accentuated the firm mounds of his pecs and pair of jeans. Rick was also dressed in jeans and a white shirt. As Rick locked free russian virgin sex the door and followed behind Mike, he children virgin nude couldn't help but notice the way his buddy's firm, round butt cheeks hugged the fabric of his jeans. Rick stared as long as he could before he caught up to him. They got to the gym where the dance was being held and before long, they were dancing with some girls. At one point, Mike came over to Rick and whispered. "I think I might get lucky tonight!" Rick knew he meant with some girl but hoped beyond hope that it would be with him. Truth was that Rick jacked off furtively every night thinking about what it would be like getting it on with angel virgin defloration Mike. Rick knew that, given the opportunity, he would do anything sexually that Mike might asked of free virgin porno clips him.As the evening wore on and nude virgin 16 it approached 11, the dance broke up and Mike came over to Rick with a bought her virgin asshole frown on his face. "That girl that was into me, turns out she's on the "rag" and she made it very clear that even a blow job was out of the question. Little nude virgins I guess that's gonna leave me with a case of blue balls! Oh well, there's always my five- fingered girlfriend to give me relief. She never let's me down!" Mike laughed as he inferred that he would go home and jerk off. Oh how Rick longed to say that he would be glad to give his bud relief, but it was impossible to do so. As the two boys left the gym, Mike casually mentioned that he had some grass. "Hey, Rick, you said that your parents were away for contract mobile news virgin the weekend. How about we do some weed at your place. Unless your sister would object. " Mike said matter-of-factly. Rick told him that elite virgins his sister was out for the evening and would virgin cherry porn probably be staying over at her boyfriend's house. Rick had never smoked pot before but he did not want to sound like a wuss.They lol virgins toplist arrived at Rick's place and headed down to the basement where Rick slept. Both boys took off their sneakers His parents had turned it into a bedroom/living space for him complete with his own bathroom. Rick watched as Mike sat back on the couch free virgin thumbs and lit up a joint. He took a few puffs and exhaled the smoke and smiled. "Man, that's good shit! Why don't you take a few hits, cuz!" Mike said as he handed the join to Rick. Rick put it to his lips and inhaled. His head spun as the weed hit him instantly. He took another few puffs and handed litle sex virgin girls it back to Mike. "Feels good to get high, huh Rick!" Mike said softly. "Just lay back on the couch and enjoy the sensations that are running through you!" Rick did as Mike said laying his head back on the armrest of the couch and putting his feet up on the couch. He closed his eyes and his head was charters in virgin islands spinning. Then, all of a sudden, Rick felt something pressing against his groin. He opened his eyes and he say his cousin's foot pressing against his crotch teen virgin free pictures causing his dick to spring to attention. virgins naked Mike's eyes were closed as well. His dick grew hard virgins 12yo as the foot rubbed around the fabric of his jeans. He was not sure whether Mike realized what he was doing to him until he heard him speak. "The best part of getting high is the way it makes me so fucking horny. And I can tell it's getting you hot as well, cuz! By the way it feels to me, you got yourself one helluva boner growing there!"For Rick, this was like a freaking dream cum true! virgins hot girls He could not believe that his hot cousin was actually coming on to him! He tgp virgins watched as Mike began rubbing his own crotch and his own bulge was growing as well. He did not know where this was leading. "Ricky, don't think I haven't notice the way you've been ogling my body after gym class!" It's actually very flattering to have a dude like you having the hots for me! Don't get me wrong, girls are fun to fool around with, but from what I know, only a dude knows how to please another dude! I am right, Ricky are you as hot for me as I am for you?" Mike asked as he opened his eyes and stared into those of his cousin .Slowly, deliberately, Rick nodded his hear. Mike smiled back and proceeded toe edge over on the couch. He spread his solid body atop his cousins' and sensuously began to grin his fresh virgin teen crotch into his cousins' driving the blond sixteen year old crazy with lust! "Feels great, don't it Ricky!" Mike hissed as he leaned forward and began licking his tongue around his cousin's neck. Rick's head thrashed back and forth as he accommodated his cousin's full weight atop him. Then, Mike moved his mouth up to Rick's lips and asia virgin pics forced his tongue (although he really didn't have to!) between the other boy's lips. This was the first time anyone had ever kissed him like and floods of erotic feelings coursed through his body like an electric shock. At this point, Ricky was meeting every downward thrust of his hunky cousin's cr otch with an upward one of his own as he totally surrendered to his emotions and horniness. His hardness and his cousins' seemed almost connected through the fabric of their jeans.Then, disappointingly, his cousin lifted his body off of Rick. "I preeten virgin don't want you to shoot in your pants, cuz, I know that you're close and frankly so am I!" Let's virgin pretenn get rid of these bothersome clothes and I'll show you what I can really do!" Mike said sexily. Ricky watched as Mike stripped off his jeans and exposed his bulging briefs. Then, with one fluid motion, he pulled them down to expose his olive-skinned dick. It sprang up in farmsex virgin defloration the air, pre-cum dripping from the cock slit and had to be at least eight inches of thick teen meat. There 14 yo virgin pussies was a huge "You like what you see, Ricky, baby! Cum on and show me what ya get there!" teenies defloration virgin Rick was not the least bit ashamed little virgin of his own rod. He had measured it and it was a respectable seven inches of circumsized cock. He pulled off own jeans and shorts and his own rod sprang into view, It, too, was leaking copious amounts of pre-cum from the slit. Rick watched as his cousins virgins nude pics moved back over him and grabbed hod of him. "Not bad cuz, you got yourself one helluva of a nice-looking boner going. In fact, it looks good enough to eat!' Mike exclaimed.With that, Mike leaned over and extended his tongue, licking the tasty teen juice that was leaking from Rick's rod. His body shivered with delight as the tongue made contact with his cock. He never knew that it could feel so good having someone else sucking him! "Don't this beat jacking off, Ricky!" Mike said coyly as he began using his tongue to move up and down all seven inches of his cousin's hard prick. Then, Mike worked his way down to Rick's ball sac and began to lick them as well. virgin elite tgp Ricky instinctively arched his body up giving his cousin full access to all his junk. Mike dove in tongue first and began to lick at Ricky's butt crack. This new sensation was just as hot as he felt the tongue insinuating itself into his virgin hole. His cock was leaking pre-cum profusely and he knew that it would not be long before the inevitable vombat virgins happened. "Now for korea virgine girls the nude pictures of virgins best part of the show, cuz. I'm gonna show you how it feels to get deep-throated!" Mike moaned. He moved up and grabbed Rock's hard on very little nudist virgins at the base. Rick virgin panties watched as his cousin opened his mouth wide and began to swallow his cock inch by inch. Rick was putty in Mike's hand's turkish porrno virgin and mouth literally as his whole body surrendered to the hot feelings coursing through him. In his reverie, Rick wondered how his cousin had learned to suck cock so well, not that it mattered. All that mattered virgin pussy pie teen was that he was blowing him and bringing him to the edge.Rick began nn virgins arching photo of virgins pussy his body upward feeding every hot inch of his teen rod into his cousin's velvet throat. He wanted this moment to last forever. But, alas, it was not to be as the familiar feeling overcame him. For his part, Mike could sense how close virgin pictures his cousin was from shooting by the way his cock thickened and the cock fuck virgin daughter head grew in his throat. He reached behind him and stick one of his thick fingers into his cousin's tight hole. skinny nude virgins This pushed Rick virgin sex pics over the edge as he groaned real loud, arched his body upward and exploded. Jet after jet of his pent up teen free erotic virgin stories cum blew out of virgine boys sex him and down Mike's greedy throat Rick could not believe that Mike was swallowing every drop of his cum and was draining him dry! Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, Mike released his now deflated rod and climbed back atop his sated cousin.His body lay atop Rick's as Mike kissed him deeply, their tongues colliding with each other. Rick could taste his own semen as his tongue swirled around inside of Mike's and he sexy manga virgins girls could also feel his cousin's huge boner pressing into his groin. real virgin photo Finally, lifting his lips up, Mike stared into his cousin's eyes. "You shot one healthy load cuz. But now it's my turn!" Mike declared. "With that, he climbed atop Rick's chest so that his olive-colored rod was lined up with his cousin's lips. Slowly, gently, he insinuated the large head into Rick's mouth. It felt both strange and natural to Rick to be sucking his cousin's bog boner. His pre-cum was flowing freely and Rick lapped it up. Then Mike began to slowly pump his rod in and out of Rick establishing a steady rhythm as fuk naked virgin Rick's throat opened to accommodate him. Then Rick thought of how it had felt when his cousin had invaded his tight hole while he had sucked him and he knew what he really wanted. He drew his head back and released his cousin's dick. Mike looked down at him virgins private portal questioningly until Rick spoke."I want, no I need, you to fuck me, virginie gervais sex tape Mike. I want you to possess my body totally, for us to be joined as one. Do you want to fuck me cousin, do you?" Rick said pleadingly. Mike stared down at him and spoke. "With all my heart, cuz, with all my heart. But do you think that you can take me inside of you? You know my cock isn't exactly small!" Mike said. Rick stared back him with resolve. "Right now, at this moment, I want it more than anything, Mike.!" Rick said emphatically. "Turn over then Rick and let me get you good and ready!" MIie replied. He climbed off his cousin and allowed him to turn bare woods furniture virginia over on his stomach. Mike stared down and his cock throbbed virgin free nude pics as he looked at his cousin's gorgeous buns. Spreading them with his hands, he could see Rick's hole winking at him For his part, Rick laid there virgins angel sex illegal in anticipation. Spreading his cousin's buns, Mike proceed to bury his head between them as he began to lick the delicate flesh. He knew that this was going to be a true deflowering and he wanted his cousin to be good and ready for him. Rick groaned loudly as his cousin's tongue invaded his private sanctuary licked at the tender flesh and getting it wet and juicy. He could feel his dick growing hard again beneath him as he stabbed it into the fabric of the couch.After a good five minutes, Mike asked him a question. "Got any lotion in the bathroom Ricky?" "Yes in the cabinet under the sink, I think," he replied. In less than thirty seconds, Mike was back with a tube of lotion that he proceeded to coat his fingers with. Then as he did earlier, Mike insinuated his finger inside Rick's virgin chute, casing the other teen to moan again loudly. "I'm gonna get you good and ready for me, cuz!" He was now working two of his thick fingers inside of the teen and Mike felt him loosening up a bit. He removed his fingers and took a towel that he had brought from the bathroom and wiped them off. Mike then virginity fotos squirted a copious amount of the lotion onto his throbbing dick and massaged it in with his hand. He knew that if he did it for too long he might blow his load. "Are you ready for me Rick? I'm going to do free sex movies virgin it nice and gentle, so don't be afraid. Just relax and breathe deeply and let me do what I work. I promise that you're gonna love it preeten virgine nude before long!" Mike said emphatically.Raising himself babe virgins up a bit, he aimed his boner at the tiny hole as Rick lay beneath him expectantly. As Mike pushed slightly forward, Rick relaxed cumming little virgin girls the best he could. real little virgin xxx He gasped as the head of his cousin's rod broke through his virgin free mpeg virgin hole. 12 yrvirgins "Shit, Rick, you got the biggest part of me inside of you! The rest will be a piece of cake!" Mike rested a minute then slowly began to slide forward. Rick gasped as inch by inch of his cousin's cock entered him filling him to the break. "I can't believe how fucking tight you are Rick and how fucking good it feels to be inside of you, man! You got it all now cuz, every one of my hot thick sex virgin pics pics eight inches buried inside of you!" Mike moaned. Rick could not russian virgin fuck believe it either but it was true. He could actually feel Mike's dick throbbing inside of him. The way that Rick's sphincter was clamping down on him was driving him crazy to the point of blowing his load. But he didn't want to yet. He wanted it to last longer.With that, Mike slowly pulled his dick out and Rick groaned in disappointment. "Oh, I'm not russian illegal virgins done by a long shot, cuz. Turn sex porno virgine over on your back and ghosts virgin islands lift your legs up. That's it." Mike said nude teen virgin russian as his cousin was now exposed fully to him. "I wanna watch your little virgin gallery illegal face as I fuck, no make love to you, Rick!" Mike exclaimed. With that, Mike climbed between Rick's legs and lifted them on to his shoulders so that his puckered hole was totally exposed. He coated his bloated rod with more lube and aimed downward. With one forward thrust, he buried himself deep inside the recesses of his cousin's chute, as Rick gasped. It was a feeling of total possession that overcame him. He could not believe that little tiny virgin sex he and Rick were actually doing it and that he was enjoying it so much. As Mike thrust more and more of his thick rod inside of Rick he could see how much he was enjoying it. Rick was now sporting another boner, no doubt brought on by the rhythmic massaging of anika my precious virgins his prostate by Mike's thick eight inches of teen meat. Mike leaned forward and pressed his lips down on Rick's and the two kissed passionately free virgin nude and deeply.Mike knew that he would not last much longer. His cousin's ass was just too damn tight and he was just too metart virgin fucking excited this first time. He could feel the huge load building up inside his balls begging for release. Rick could sense his cousin's impending orgasm and instinctively clamped down on the thick rod porno virgins tgp as it was buried virgins nude cp inside of him. "Oh shit, Ricky, I can't hold back much longer! I gotta do art virgins it, cuz, I gotta spray my hot load all over your insides. You're gonna get all of my baby making juices flooding your hole. Do you want it, Rick, do you want me to blow my load?" Mike pleaded. "Yessssssssss! do it, damn it, breed me with your hot load. I want to feel it splashing against my inside. All that hot Greek cum filling me up! Do it now, Mike!" Rick begged.Without touching himself, Rick's cock exploded again, just as Mike bellowed, planted himself to the hilt and and erupted sending all of his teen spunk deep into the recessed of his cousin's ass. It felt so fucking fantastic for both of them as they were joined as one. Six, seven, eight spurts of his seed shot of Mike until he had emptied his balls completely. Exhausted, he collapsed atop his cousin as they again kissed passionately.Rick was awakened form his reverie by the sound of the secretary's voice. Steve, 'er Mr. Johnson, will see you now. As Rick approached the door it opened and he was greeted by the hottest looking man he had ever seen. "You can go home now, James. I won't be needing you any more, Mr. Johnson said to his secretary. James smiled slyly as the teeny virgin office door closed behind them.Well, that it for part 1, If you enjoyed it there's more tiny virgin mpeg to cum If so, please let me know and I will continue. Your cumments are always appreciated!
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